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Attractions in Kołobrzeg

  • Old Town

    The inhabitants and authorities of Kołobrzeg financed a completely new old town. The city has a 1000-year history, but after the last world war, most of the buildings remained picturesque rubble. The new Old Town is not a reconstruction of pre-war buildings (only the network of streets has been reconstructed) - these are new buildings, a style referring to the old buildings. It is worth to see - even as a curiosity.

  • Cathedral

    The Gothic building was rebuilt after war damage, in the interior we also find some antique furnishings. For lovers of beautiful views, the undoubted attraction will be the opportunity to enter the cathedral towers;

  • Fuse and prison towers and the building of the Knight's Academy

    Fuse and prison towers (strangely looking in the vicinity of the blocks from the great slab relics of the former defense system of the city);

  • Town hall

    The building somehow survived the fighting of the city in a good shape, now it presents itself well in the vicinity of the reconstructed buildings; elements of modern fortifications of the Kołobrzeg Fortress,

  • Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg

    Located near the estuary to the sea of Parsęta. In the summer season available for visitors. A characteristic feature of this particular lighthouse is its "fortress" character (it was built on the basis of a given fort). Inside the lighthouse, exhibitions on the history of lighthouse and a collection of minerals and fossils.

  • Museum of Polish Arms

    A place worth recommending to boys of all ages, also quite advanced. The museum presents weapons of all historical epochs: from swords and axes to jets and tanks. For this collection of uniforms and a panoramic image of the capture of Kolobrzeg during the Second World War.

  • Open-air museum

    It presents memorabilia related to military vessels: here we have two complete units to visit, moreover, part of the ORP "Burza" equipment was saved, there is also some other equipment associated with the navy.

    The open-air museum was located a bit unusual - most of us (or at least the author) are accustomed to floating antique vessels. In Kołobrzeg this was solved differently - ships are exposed on dry land, and they are taken up on the openwork stairs. So we have on the one hand a museum attraction, on the other - we have the opportunity to admire the area from a considerable height.

  • The Braunschweig Palace

    It houses another museum institution - this time the exhibition is devoted to the history of the city (archaeological monuments, old interior furnishings and everyday objects, works of art, and an exhibition dedicated to weights). All the above facilities constitute a branch of the Polish Arms Museum in Kołobrzeg

  • Center of Military Attraction

    Quite an unusual form of entertainment, consisting of tank rides and armored personnel carriers. In addition, a shooting range and a military kitchen with an immortalized pea soup.

  • Cruises

    We can swim with almost pirate or private torpedo boat (prices around PLN 25), we can go to the full sea for fishing, we can also sail to Bornholm.

  • Kolobrzeg Forest

    Great place for walks, tree stands old and even very old: we can see, among others oak over 800 years old ("Bolesław" oak, not much younger is "Warcisław"). In addition, the swamps (designated safe routes leading through them) and thousands of birds dwelling on them.

  • Spa

    In the Middle Ages, the city owed its wealth to natural saline springs, which were used to produce the then strategic commodity - salt. Over time, the production of salt brewed from brine became less and less profitable, and finally it was completely abandoned. At the same time, brines, mud deposits and a specific microclimate of the city were used for therapeutic purposes. Currently, Kolobrzeg is an acknowledged health resort with numerous sanatoria and healing facilities that are open all year round.

    And we can see the brine flowing from the "organized" spring on Solna Island (the locals use it supposedly for pickling cucumbers).

  • Spa

    Kolobrzeg in the "previous incarnation" - before the location of the city in the present place, the main settlement was located here. To this day, a historic church from the 12th century survived - one of the oldest in Pomerania. In addition, the village has a nineteenth-century palace (now a hotel) with a beautiful park.

  • Amusement park in Zieleniewo

    It is kept in a western style - so we can ride a horse, visit the Indian village or the town of "pale faces", and watch rodeo shows.

  • Museum 6 D Maszoperia

    Multimedia attraction; the exhibition presents the life of a seaside community in a modern style.

  • A melex tour

    If we do not want to overcome considerable distances on foot, we can visit Kołobrzeg with melex. In addition, it is a guided tour (from a microphone, but nevertheless).

  • Regional Center of Culture

    Organizer of exhibitions, performances, concerts and other cultural events.

  • Fishes

    An attraction for children, the older - including the author - can also intrigue. Giant models of Baltic fish can be seen at the pedestrian zone in the sanatorium area. The author made a very positive impression, although the attraction is very "from a different era"

  • Rope park in Kołobrzeg

    A set of attractions, typical for this type of objects.

  • Cinema in Kołobrzeg

    Cinema in Kołobrzeg

  • Aquapark in Kołobrzeg

    If the weather is not good and there is no possibility of using sea baths, it is always possible to take advantage of the water attractions of the local aquapark.